C Program to find size of various data types write code


C program to find sizes of various data types write code

Data types: Various data types in c are


sizeof(datatype) : this operator is used to find sizes of various datatypes

note: size of void returns compilation error


write a C program to find sizes of various data types

write a C program to find sizes of various data types

#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int main (void)
printf ("To find sizes of various datatypes");
printf ("size of char=%d \n" "size of short=%d\n" "size of long =%d\n""size of float =%d\n""size of int =%d\n" "size of double =%d\n", (int)sizeof (char), (int)sizeof (short), (int)sizeof (long), (int)sizeof (float), (int)sizeof (int *), (int)sizeof (double *));


To find sizes of various datatypes
size of char=1
size of short=2
size of long=4
size of float=4
size of int=2
size of double=8

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