Java program to calculate charges of trunk calls using polymorphism


Java program to calculate charges of trunk calls using polymorphism - java programs

//Java program to calculate charges of trunk calls using polymorphism

class call {
float dur;
String type;
float rate()
return 4.5f;
else if(type=="lightning")
return 3.5f;
return 3f;
} }

class bill extends call
float amount;
DataInputStream in=null;
try {in=new DataInputStream(;
}catch(Exception e)
{ System.out.println(e); }
}void read()throws Exception
String s; System.out.println("enter call type(urgent,lightning,ordinary):");
System.out.println("enter call duration:");
}void calculate() {
else if(dur<=3)
else if(dur<=5)
}void print() { System.out.println("**********************");
System.out.println(" PHONE BILL "); System.out.println("**********************"); System.out.println(" Call type : "+type);
System.out.println(" Duration : "+dur);
System.out.println(" CHARGE
: "+amount); System.out.println("**********************");
} }

class trunc-call
{public static void main(String arg[])throws Exception
{bill b=new bill();;


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