Library Management System Project



Library Management System Project - Future Scope


This application can be easily implemented under various situations. We can add new features as and when we require. Reusability is possible as and when require in this application. There is flexibility in all the modules.

  • Extensibility: This software is extendable in ways that its original developers may not expect. The following principles enhances extensibility like hide data structure, avoid traversing multiple links or methods, avoid case statements on object type and distinguish public and private operations.
  • Reusability: Reusability is possible as and when require in this application. We can update it next version. Reusable software reduces design, coding and testing cost by amortizing effort over several designs. Reducing the amount of code also simplifies understanding, which increases the likelihood that the code is correct. We follow up both types of reusability: Sharing of newly written code within a project and reuse of previously written code on new projects.
  •  Understandability: A method is understandable if someone other than the creator of the method can understand the code (as well as the creator after a time lapse). We use the method,which small and coherent helps to accomplish this.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Its cost is under the budget and make within given time period. It is desirable to aim for a system with a minimum cost subject to the condition that it must satisfy the entire requirement.
  • Scope: Scope of this document is to put down the requirements, clearly identifying the information needed by the user, the source of the information and outputs expected from the system.

Library Management System Project

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